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Jelly Vibrators

Our ‘jellies’ are great fun – colourful, soft and easy on your pocket!  They are much cheaper than our silicone products, but still create a very pleasurable outcome indeed.  Jellies are the obvious choice for low budget play.However, please be advised that when using ‘jellies’ a condom is required as they are not as body safe as silicone products.  They have also been known to melt together with other jelly products, so also store them separately.Jelly vibrators are the budget version of many of the vibrators on offer.  They are made from cheaper materials which makes them more affordable to your pocket.  However, they still pack a powerful punch in the bedroom and should be considered if your spending power is low.  Have a go at the No.96 Romping Rabbit or the Erotic Rabbit….excellent value for money.