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Bullets & Eggs

Bullet Vibrators are small but powerfull used mainly for clitirol stimulation but you may want to be teased with one for a more stimulating experience during foreplay.Small enough to pop in your handbag or sextoy drawer without it being noticed!.For the inexperience this little bullet can deliver a satisfying clitirol stimulation.Rocks off have a great range of bullets in a range of sizes to suit the beginner or the more experienced sextoy user.For a Discreet Sextoy this is the one to choose.Our vibrating bullets are mainly for stimulation, to arouse those inner urges, but well worth a go, particularly if you are new to the sex toy world.  Discreet yet playful, we offer vibrators, kits, even remote control bullets.  You can hide them away in your handbag and no-one need ever know you have a handsome power tool at your disposal.

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25 styles found

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