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These products can enhance your sexual experience, making you feel relaxed and ready for action. They are also very pleasurable to play with. If you’ve never tried a delay spray or our bubblegum blast lubricant, then perhaps it’s time that you did. Slip along in and enjoy the ride! Research/surveys have shown that couples prefer using Pjur lubricant to achieve a greater mutual gratification. The use of condoms of playful differing varieties can also increase the pleasure stakes. Delay sprays, jiggle balls and female orgasm boosters to name but a few can prolong lovemaking. If you have never tried any of these, perhaps now is the time to investigate and see whether they are right for you. You won’t ever know if you don’t and will always be left wondering. For lubricants, we have many varied household brand names (and not so well known of equally good quality) you can trust like Durex and KY Jelly. We even stock sex toy cleaner! Click to find out more!