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At HQ, we are always looking at the best ways to be green.

Waste Electrical Equipment (WEEE) Regulations state that all electrical equipment – including sex toys – must be disposed of at a designated electrical waste collection centre and not in your regular household dustbin. When you buy an electrical item from fun-4-two, we will dispose of your old items correctly and for free. All you have to do is send it back to us within 180 days of your new purchase.

Where to send your unwanted items

Customer Service Department

3 Nethermoor




Please clean your item before sending and enclose a letter titled, “Item for recycling”, also state your details and order number of recent similar purchase.

Old Batteries

We also offer a battery take back scheme.

Send your old batteries to us and we will ensure they are disposed of in the correct way.

You can also dispose of your batteries at any WRAP recycling centres.

Use the postcode locator to find your nearest one.

Why recycle is so important?

Unwanted electrical equipment is the UKs fastest growing type of waste.

Many electrical items can be repaired or recycled, saving natural resources and the environment. If you do not recycle, electrical equipment will end up in landfill where hazardous substances will leak out and cause soil and water contamination – harming wildlife and also human health.

To remind you that old electrical equipment can be recycled, it is now marked with a crossed-out wheeled bin symbol. Please do not throw any electrical equipment (including those marked with this symbol) in your bin.

If you have any questions about this scheme, please contact our Customer Service department on, Tel: 0800 151 3342 Email Customer Services