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Discreet Service

100% Confidence When You Shop!


Your privacy is our No 1 priority here at Fun 4 Two and we aim to give you 100% confidence while you shop. All orders are dispatched in plain packaging, with nothing to suggest what’s inside the parcel or who it came from. As it is a requirement by Royal Mail, a return address must be applied to every parcel or box sent from us, this will have our address listed below:

3, Middlezoy,
Nr Bridgwater,
TA7 0PG.

As you can see there is no reference to Fun 4 Two giving you 100% assurance and confidentiality when you shop. As for the security of every package, we only use strong corrugated mailing boxes with heavy duty packing tape. All Items are bubble wrapped or filled with packing material, stopping any movement during delivery and ensuring that the item cannot be identified or damaged.

How Will My Package Look?

Below are a number of examples of the type of packaging you can expect from us, this type of package will be used for smaller items such as Bullets, cockrings and mini vibrators.

All labels applied to packaging will be plainly typed and the return address label with no link to Fun-4-Two:


Larger packages will be sent using the same plain packaging in strong corrugated boxes, securely taped and filled with packing material or bubble wrap: