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The Importance of the Right Size Butt Plug

The anal area has a lot of nerve endings that can make anal play an extremely pleasurable experience for all involved. So when it comes to choosing the right butt plug to enhance the fun of sex, it is important to make sure that you are getting the right size.
The main reason you want to make sure you have the right size butt plug is that as much pleasure as those nerve endings can bring,

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Five ways to make sex more fun for him

Most people assume that sex is automatically good for the man when he’s penetrating, but that really isn’t so. He may find some positions very uncomfortable, it may be too dry for him without lubrication or it may be that he has trouble finding pleasure in sex when it is the same day in, day out. So how can you make sex more fun for him? Read on to find out five ways that you can.

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The Advantages of a Good Dildo

Dildos are something that are very versatile when it comes to sex. They can be used for masturbation when you are on your own, or they can be used as part of sex play. They have been designed to mimic the penis when it is in an erect state and also when it is not. The effectiveness of a dildo comes from the action of pushing the dildo inside your body and pulling it out again,

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Five ways to make sex more fun for her

Sex is something that both parties should be enjoying. When it comes to women enjoying sex, this can be surprisingly hard as often they don’t understand their own erogenous zones or the pleasure that they could be getting from sex. There are ways in which you can help make sex more fun for her though, here are just five ways you might want to try.

1. Use a dildo

Dildos can be something that you are both a little unsure about but they can be the key to unlocking whole new realms of pleasure for you both.

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How To Increase Anticipation

When it comes to sex, if you’re looking to satisfy your deepest desires and get the most pleasure out of the act, it’s not just about a wham bam, thank you ma’am encounter. There are lots of different elements that come together to make every sexual encounter enjoyable for both parties. One of the most important elements is the anticipation (or the sexual tension) that you create before you get anywhere close to the physical act.

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Top 5 sexiest costumes for her to wear

Though we all have our own fantasies, there are a few stock roles that seem to have a wide sex appeal. Here is a rundown of five of the most popular sexy costumes and just why we find them so appealing.


The Policewoman


A short black skirt that is easy to pull up, a sheer white shirt that is tied and barely staying closed,

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From A to U spots: the female erogenous zones you should know about

When it comes to erogenous zones and the female body, the one that nearly everyone has heard of is the G-spot, but did you know that there are more spots than that? In fact, there a lot more. Here is a brief guide to the different spots on a woman’s body that you may not have known about before, and how to use to get the most out of sex.


If you want to cause your partner to enjoy multiple orgasms,

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Top 5 sexiest costumes for him to wear

When it comes to male costumes for bedroom games, there are a few roles that are more popular than others. But what are these costumes and what roles he might be asked to play in fantasy sex play? Here are five of the most popular roleplaying costumes for him.

1. The Policeman


Whether in tight shorts or trousers that rip off, the policeman is one of the most popular fantasy roles for men to take on.

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The Joys of Anal Sex

Anal sex is something that is a divisive topic. There are people that love it and people that absolutely hate it. There are horror stories out there about bad experiences with anal sex and others believing that is only something that gay men should be having. However, anal sex can be one of the most enjoyable elements of sex. Here is why anal sex is something that you should try at least once.


One of the reasons that anal sex can be painful and an experience that frightens many off is that time isn’t taken to prepare properly for it.

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The G-String in all its glory


The G-string is one of the sexiest pieces of underwear out there, and there are lots of different choices on the market. This can make it difficult to know which G-string is right for you. The first thing to remember is that there are G-strings for both men and women, so make sure that you are buying the right G-string, especially when purchasing online. Here is a rundown of some of the different types of G-strings that you can find to help you discover which one is right for your favourite sex games.

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