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Sexting: Our Ultimate Guide On Everything You Need To Know To Dirty Text

or the art of sending dirty texts, could be just what you need to add
a little extra spice to your relationship. It can be foreplay, or the
main event. It can help rediscover the intimacy in your relationship,
add anticipation, or it can help you keep a long distance
relationship full of sparks. Here’s everything you need to know to
get you started before you send your first dirty text.

Time Your

won’t be fun for your recipient if they’re not in the right

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How To Care For Your Sex Toys

you find the right sex toy, you want it to last as long as possible.
One of the best ways to keep your toy in good working order is to
take care of it. This means using the right cleaning methods, and the
right storage methods. If you look after your toys, they’ll
continue to keep you in orgasmic pleasure for a long time.


first step in taking care of your sex toys is to find out what
material the toy is made from.

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How To Bring Food Into The Bedroom

food into the bedroom is one way to spice up your bedroom activities.
But if it’s your first time, you might be feeling a little nervous,
or maybe you just aren’t sure how to do it, what foods to bring, or
even how to talk to your partner about it. These tips can help you
live out your bedroom food fantasies.

Talking To Your
Partner About Your Food Fantasies

you introduce anything new into your bedroom play,

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Sexoliday Dates For 2021

For many, Valentine’s day is the most romantic day of the year. But, it’s not the only romantic holiday on the calendar! We’ve put together this list of sexy holidays for the rest of 2021. Why not spoil your partner with one of these great holidays!


May is the month of self-love as it’s masturbation month.

May Day – 1st May

May Day was originally a pagan festival for fertility and the beginning of spring.

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Rules To Set Before You Have A Threesome

you’ve been thinking about having a threesome, but you’re worried
about the potential implications on your own relationship, you aren’t
alone. Having a threesome is actually one of the most common
fantasies, but around 10% of women, and 18% of men have actually had
one. However, if you’re up front, and lay out the rules, and
boundaries beforehand, then your relationship can not only survive,
but may flourish.

  1. Why Do You
    Want A Threesome?
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“Timings” and How to Improve Your Sex Life

Timings are something
you may never have thought of before, but they are incredibly
important when it comes to your sex life and improving it.

What are timings?

Simply put, timings are
the time or times in the day when you feel more aroused and want to
have sex. People lead such busy lives that stopping to consider when
they are most aroused never enters their minds. In fact,

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Whipped Cream And Sex

Whipped Cream is something that is
often shown as something that is great to use to enhance sex, but do
you know how to use it to enhance the mood instead of just making a
sticky mess? Whenever food is brought into sex, it can be something
of a disaster if you aren’t fully prepared for it. So here is a
breakdown of some ways to incorporate whipped cream into sex in ways
that help enhance the mood.

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Why You Need a Safe Word

Safe words are something you may
have seen on the television but never really thought about using
before. The use of safe words is smattered throughout popular culture
and used to denote sexual behaviour that goes a lot further than most
people would be comfortable with, but safe words don’t just have to
used in that situation, and if you and your partner are having sex,
then really you should have a safe word.

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Setting The Mood: Making a Romantic Setting for Sex

When it comes to bringing some spark
back to a relationship or simply having a romantic weekend at the end
of a long and hard working week, there are a few things that you can
do to set the mood for a romantic encounter and some extremely
enjoyable sex. Here are just a few ideas on how you can set the mood.


Candles are one of the best ways
that you can use to set the mood.

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The Beauty of Bondage

When it comes to games in the bedroom, bondage has a really dark reputation in some circles, yet those that dismiss bondage as deviant sexual behaviour miss out on some of the joys of power games that can really make a big difference in keeping your sex life with your partner spicy.

One of the key things to remember about bondage is that even if you are just tying your partner’s hands together, there needs to be a safe word.

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