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Five Foods That Help With Sex

When it comes to sex there are foods
that can help with your libido and there are those that can be
harmful. We’ve put together a list of the five of the best foods to
help you with improving your sex life and even your sex drive.


Walnuts are foods that are great
nuts to include in your diet, least of all because when men eating
them it can help to improve the quality of sperm.

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Roleplaying Games and How They Can Make Sex More Fun

Roleplaying games are a great way for you and your partner to explore
your fantasies and bring a whole new level of pleasure to your sex
life. But there is more to roleplaying games than just throwing on a
costume. Here is our guide to roleplaying games and how they can make
your sex life more enjoyable.

What are roleplaying games?

In the wider scheme of things, roleplaying games can cover a wide
range of games from computer games and board games as well as
larping (live action role playing games) where groups of people
gather to play out different scenarios as members of different
mythical races.

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The Missionary Position and Why It Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

Sex is something that
really is one of the best things about being an adult. The pleasure,
range of positions and indulgence of desires that comes from finding
the perfect partner or partners to share sexual experiences with is
something that really does help to balance all those pesky
responsibilities that we have to shoulder.

But within all this
range of choice, trying out different positions and playing with

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“Timings” and How to Improve Your Sex Life

Timings are something
you may never have thought of before, but they are incredibly
important when it comes to your sex life and improving it.

What are timings?

Simply put, timings are
the time or times in the day when you feel more aroused and want to
have sex. People lead such busy lives that stopping to consider when
they are most aroused never enters their minds. In fact,

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Top Three Positions For Deep Penetration

Deep penetration is
something that can be enjoyable for both partners. For women it can
result in intense orgasms, and for men of all sizes, getting deep
into their partners can do amazing things for their sexual

For those that struggle
with deep penetration, there are several positions that you can try
that anyone can do. Just be sure that you are taking it slow as you
don’t want to hurt yourself or your partner,

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Whipped Cream and Sex

Whipped Cream is something that is
often shown as something that is great to use to enhance sex, but do
you know how to use it to enhance the mood instead of just making a
sticky mess? Whenever food is brought into sex, it can be something
of a disaster if you aren’t fully prepared for it. So here is a
breakdown of some ways to incorporate whipped cream into sex in ways
that help enhance the mood.

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Top ways to celebrate your anniversary with sex

Anniversaries often mean more to one
partner than the other, but there is no reason that you can’t make
anniversaries a special occasion. Each anniversary should be
celebrated in a different way to ensure that your partner feels
valued. If you are stuck for ideas on how to celebrate your
anniversary, here are a few ways to make them special and have sex
thrown into the bargain.

  • Wake up early on your anniversary for a little morning glory sex with your partner,
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What are anal beads?

are lots of different sex toys out there that can be used to
stimulate different parts of the body, and anal beads are no
exception. They come in a few different varieties but the overall
effect is the safe – pleasurable anal stimulation.

you are male or female, anal beads can be an extremely enjoyable way
to open up conversations about anal sex or simply to enhance the
pleasure of intercourse.

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The Importance of the Right Size Butt Plug

The anal area has a lot of nerve endings that can make anal play an extremely pleasurable experience for all involved. So when it comes to choosing the right butt plug to enhance the fun of sex, it is important to make sure that you are getting the right size.
The main reason you want to make sure you have the right size butt plug is that as much pleasure as those nerve endings can bring,

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Five ways to make sex more fun for him

Most people assume that sex is automatically good for the man when he’s penetrating, but that really isn’t so. He may find some positions very uncomfortable, it may be too dry for him without lubrication or it may be that he has trouble finding pleasure in sex when it is the same day in, day out. So how can you make sex more fun for him? Read on to find out five ways that you can.

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